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Keychain making have become more personalized

  • The key to the house, the key to the office, the key to the car ... ... our life can not be separated from the key, the same can not be separated from the keychain, the "key nanny." Nowadays, the keychain incorporates many fashionable elements that it no longer a monotonous circle. It played the role has also changed, not only as a "nanny" duties, but also has the role of decoration. Can be seductive and practical, serve two purposes, who is not love it?

    Keychain customization into fashion elements

    Keychains customization compared with the previous keychains, today's keychains pay more attention to the trend of the theme. In addition to the theme of the nature of these trends, there are music series, sports series, cartoon series, not only style diversification, style is also diversified, there are lovely, COOL, generous simple, noble, Of the times coincide, withhold the heart of everyone.

    Cartoon element favored of keychains custom

    Lovely cartoon keychains, because of its colorful and flexible style, become "little pet" by love fashion people. Sweet pink heart-shaped, with fresh flowers embellishment, full of playful; chubby, soft little bee dolls,  who is not love it?; sweet and sour strawberry, people mouth-watering;  Smart mouse, funny duck ... ... these full of fairy tale cartoon image of the keychains, who can resist the temptation of itú┐

    Customize a keychain, double role

    Keychain in addition to deducting the key, easy to carry, but also can be used as decoration, and even entrusted with a pure love. Whether it is G or B are like to hang the keychain in the bag, as a decorative accessories, some fine keychain is even considered jewelry to wear. The couple keychain, buckle not only the key, but also lovers each other's heart. Every time you open the door or close to see the keychain as to see the favorite of his (her), remember the warm and romantic scene, revel in the sweet memories.