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About Cool Wholesales

Cool Wholesales provides business keychains gifts, holiday keychains, commemorative keychains, employee benefits gifts, for about nearly thousands of top quality keychains, in order to meet customer diversification, personalized, demand for standardization, our professional team can provide your customized gifts with business targeted programs. We has been providing gifts and gift solutions to solve the vertical production services for major companies, to enable enterprises to extent a closer relationship with customers, enhance the corporate image and brand value.

Tips From Blog

  • PVC soft keychain knowledge

    PVC soft plastic keychains also known as drop mold keychains.

    1). With Korean pvc material, DINP oil, KM31 powder is environmentally friendly pvc, Through the certification does not contain phthalate. soft plastic PVC products using high quality raw materials, unique scientific formula production process, are used in the world popular non-toxic PVC soft plastic materials made of a unique scientific formula production process, produ.. >> More