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  • PVC soft keychain knowledge - 12/6/2017

    PVC soft plastic keychains also known as drop mold keychains.

    1). With Korean pvc material, DINP oil, KM31 powder is environmentally friendly pvc, Through the certification does not contain phthalate. soft plastic PVC products using high quality raw materials, unique scientific formula production process, are used in the world popular non-toxic PVC soft plastic materials made of a unique scientific formula production process, product quality through the European toy safety standards EN71-1 , EN71-2, EN71-3. Keychain part can be used keychain, according to customer requirements of different shapes and sizes, specifications and printable business logo design and cartoon style, price concessions, is the ideal promotional gifts for all enterprises.

    2). Diverse effect... Red More

  • The key factor in the success of advertising gift planning - 12/3/2017

    Advertising at the right time to convey the right information to the right people, effective information to the recipient has some importance, for advertising gifts (keychains), if you can not pass the correct information and product features Let the audience interested in, then this gift is invalid.

    Everyone has a different response to a gift, a response in general, or recognized the gift, want to be recognized advertising gifts must be have creative, the need for successful gift planning. Creativity is the soul of advertising gift planning, a successful advertising gift planning is built on the creative ability and imagination based on.

    Creativity can be manifested in the customization of advertising gifts, gift posit... Red More

  • How to use metal keychain do promotional gifts - 11/26/2017

    Metal keychains from texture is good, high grade, it is very tasteful, rich shape, low price, affordable, printed on the customer's LOGO, you can better promote products, it is suitable for the most promotional gifts.

    How to correctly treat promotion:

    Fundamentally speaking, promotion is a kind of exchange of interests. But different from the general sense of the exchange of benefits. Because promotion is not limited to the immediate interests of the exchange, more focused on long-term exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. Therefore, how to treat the issue of promotion, Not only from the starting point to consider the issue of deficit, but also be able to focus on the long-term interests of the promotional value. Sp... Red More

  • 3R strategy for promotional gifts - 11/13/2017

    Promotional gifts, refers to the printed company name, logo or advertising words practical or decorative items. Specifically, it can be roughly divided into four categories.

    1, Advertising products: advertising special products are complimentary, mostly printed with the advertiser name, trademark, address and telephone number of cool keychains, pen, desk calendar or calendar, T-shirts and other items.

    2, Business gifts: Commercial gifts are usually more expensive than special advertising products, the purpose of giving is to develop and maintain friendly relations with important customers. Most of these gifts are engraved with the recipient's name.

    3, Commemorative prizes: Commemorative pri... Red More

  • Keychains made of zinc alloy will not rust - 11/12/2017

    Zinc alloy, as the name implies, is made of an alloy of zinc and other materials. The color of the zinc alloy is close to silver. It is widely used because of its plasticity. It is often used in keychains, badges, vanity mirrors, commemorative plates, medals and other metal products, because of its products do not rust and has good wear resistance, a product can be long-term use, so has always been the people's favorite.

    In chemical terms, the reason why iron products rust, iron and water because of the combination of oxygen and water produced by the chemical reaction, resulting in a new material, this material is mainly composed of iron oxide and oxidation compression of iron.  zinc alloy products will not happen this situation, zinc alloy as their own with automatic d... Red More

  • We should know this knowledge in the giving gifts - 10/30/2017

    1.  The gift itself may be small,but the goodwill is deep. gifts should be considered specific circumstances and occasions. Generally in the date of appointment, should be for the other side with some small gifts, such as bouquets, special local product and so on. Invited to participate in the wedding, in addition to art decorations, but also presented bouquets and practical items, New Year, Christmas, the general can giving calendars, wine, tea, candy and so on.

    2. The timing and manner of giving gifts.  Gifts should be presented in person. But sometimes to attend the wedding, can also be sent in advance. Congratulations on the festivals, giving gifts to the New Year, can be sent to the door or mail. At this time should be accompanied a gift card of the sender, bu... Red More

  • Blue and white porcelain series keychains - 10/24/2017

    As a series of Chinese style products, zinc alloy produced blue and white porcelain keychains, whether as a collection or as a gift to friends and customers, are very good choice.

    Dragon-shaped pattern key ring, the use of zinc alloy material, after molding polished chrome, the surface of blue and white porcelain pattern is used silk screen process.

    Lotus vase blue and white porcelain key chain, not only sketched out the charm of the lotus, also vase shape is reflected in the public favorite Chinese style.

    A flower shape key ring, the surface is the classic blue and white printing. Very nice!<... Red More

  • Product sales performance and the relationship of advertising popularity - 10/8/2017

    It can be said that advertising is the most important method to open the product sales. media advertising, Internet TV ads, wall advertising, holiday advertising gifts, promotional gifts, are to achieve the ultimate goal of improving product visibility and enhance sales.

    Advertising reputation to stimulate product sales is an important method to promotion products, the general operation is: in a certain area, a certain period of time, a certain combination of media, Quantitative advertising and promotion of products, Access to the region's consumer advertising impression of the products, to enhance the visibility of the product, pulled up product sales.

    Advertising to bring the enterprise's reputation so that many companies have been profitable: the product has b... Red More

  • Find your right interpersonal relationship through keychain - 10/5/2017

    We every move, smiles can reveal their deep hidden in the inner subconscious! The following keychain test is very interesting. As long as the first feeling to answer, you will know that who is suitable and what kind of people to make friends!

    Do you have any of the following on your keychain?

    A. small and lovely cartoon doll ornaments
    B. star idol photo
    C. useless keys
    D. simple chain
    E. Two or more different ornaments

    Answer A: A friend who can bring you luck is a friend who has something special love about something, such as a friend who loves collection of stamps, postcards, idol signatures, plush toys, etc. You may have a lot of the same someting

    Answer B... Red More

  • Keychain making have become more personalized - 10/2/2017

    The key to the house, the key to the office, the key to the car ... ... our life can not be separated from the key, the same can not be separated from the keychain, the "key nanny." Nowadays, the keychain incorporates many fashionable elements that it no longer a monotonous circle. It played the role has also changed, not only as a "nanny" duties, but also has the role of decoration. Can be seductive and practical, serve two purposes, who is not love it?

    Keychain customization into fashion elements

    Keychains customization compared with the previous keychains, today's keychains pay more attention to the trend of the theme. In addition to the theme of the nature of these trends, there are music series, sports series, cartoon series, not only style ... Red More