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Custom keychains inquiry and processing technology of make samples

  • Keychain inquiry requires the following information:

    1. product design (preferably vector, such as: AI, CDR, CAD format) or sample;

    2. Product size, thickness, material;

    3. product surface plating color;

    4. Product quality requirements, QTY, packaging, delivery location.

    The cost of make samples and time

    1.  make sample only one-time payment of the full cost of the mold, no longer charge other fees. Single-sided mold: 90 ~ 120 usd, double-sided mold: 120 ~ 150 usd; Hollow mold: 150 ~ 180 usd. the mold fee can be refunded when orders over the minimum quantity;

    2. the normal time for custom keychains is 6 to 8 days for make sample, including: product drawing - engraving copper working - material preparation for mold - heat treatment for mold - mold grinding - discharge - provincial mold - open feed - mold exhaust - test mold embryo - puller - polishing - plating - drop mould - assembly of finished products - packaging sample, the entire process time.