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Find your right interpersonal relationship through keychain

  • We every move, smiles can reveal their deep hidden in the inner subconscious! The following keychain test is very interesting. As long as the first feeling to answer, you will know that who is suitable and what kind of people to make friends!

    Do you have any of the following on your keychain?

    A. small and lovely cartoon doll ornaments
    B. star idol photo
    C. useless keys
    D. simple chain
    E. Two or more different ornaments

    Answer A: A friend who can bring you luck is a friend who has something special love about something, such as a friend who loves collection of stamps, postcards, idol signatures, plush toys, etc. You may have a lot of the same someting

    Answer B: can bring you happy friends are handsome appearance of the opposite sex, such as school beauty etc., even if such a friend can not be your life and death, but also help you gather a lot of popularity!

    Answer C: can bring you lucky friends through the introduction of others as friend, such as cousin know the girls, mother colleagues and other children. In short, the character is more real you can also greatly expand the scope of the communication!

    Answer D: can bring you the spirit of food friends are concerned about the inner cultivation of people, such as although the surface is not easy to get along, in fact, kind-hearted and upright, with such people, you can learn a lot of things!

    Answer E: friends who can bring you good luck is like to play, like to make friends, such as the school community in the active elements, class entertainment members, etc., only with the same interest, you will get the unexpected good luck!