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How to use metal keychain do promotional gifts

  • Metal keychains from texture is good, high grade, it is very tasteful, rich shape, low price, affordable, printed on the customer's LOGO, you can better promote products, it is suitable for the most promotional gifts.

    How to correctly treat promotion:

    Fundamentally speaking, promotion is a kind of exchange of interests. But different from the general sense of the exchange of benefits. Because promotion is not limited to the immediate interests of the exchange, more focused on long-term exchanges and cooperation between the two sides. Therefore, how to treat the issue of promotion, Not only from the starting point to consider the issue of deficit, but also be able to focus on the long-term interests of the promotional value. Specifically, the following aspects need to fully understand the promotion of this commercial act.

    Promotion is "investments,"  not mere "expenditures."

    Obviously, using promotion as an "investment",  is an entirely different concept than the "expenditure" of expenses. The former is more valued marketing is the long-term value, while the latter is more concerned about the promotion of short-term return on profits. There is no doubt that promotion is naturally related to the cost involved. But this cost is not a simple investment spending, but a constant growth of the brand "bonus" process. Therefore, in the design of promotional programs, not only to take into account the form of promotion, but also take into account whether the form with the brand to match, can bring sales for enterprises and stores to enhance. In a sense, these three aspects are an organic whole, and one can not be arbitrarily separated from each other. Therefore, as a designer of promotional programs, the design of promotional programs must be viewed from an investment perspective. It is necessary to take into account the short-term interests of enterprises, but also focus on the long-term development of enterprises and the degree of integration with the brand. If it is to sacrifice the healthy growth of the brand to bring the sales increase, obviously not a good promotion.

    To judge from the starting point of profit and loss:

    As a form of value exchange, promotion must be considered in terms of value. To put it in a nutshell, it is for profit. Therefore, when we design a promotion program, we must grasp the premise that the best possible profit is possible at a small price.

    Investment Oriented Buying - Get More and Bigger Orders:

    In a sense, businesses in the supermarkets to do promotions, while enhancing their own sales, but also for enterprises in the hypermarket fight for better cooperation policies, to get a bigger order to pave the way. Only through the promotion of the store in order to show the activities of enterprises planning, marketing and other aspects of the strength of the implementation. In order to strengthen the business in the supermarkets position and role. In the eyes of business supermarkets in the strength, in addition to corporate reputation and reputation of the brand, but also business and supermarkets in the operation of promotional activities and implementation are inextricably linked. Some international well-known enterprises, the reason why the supermarkets laid an irreplaceable place, but also with their terminal in the high level of promotional activities are inseparable. For example, PepsiCo has done "blue storm" promotions, is its own innovative ideas and superb momentum to the stores left a deep impression. In just one day, stores across the country and outdoor advertising simultaneously update the publicity, done at a consistent pace. Won the hypermarkets consistent recognition and favor. Just as its event name "Blue Storm", its swift action and execution left a deep impression on people. There is such a promotion and execution, of course, sales of stores full of confidence, of course, a large number of orders is not a problem.

    Measurement and tracking:

    For the supermarkets, the store every day to carry out the promotion and special promotions countless. Therefore, it is imperative to do a good job of evaluating and tracking the effectiveness of each promotion and special offer. Activities of the successful experience and failure of lessons, can be used as a supermarkets a valuable asset. Therefore, enterprises in the development of promotional activities, we must attach importance to the follow-up analysis of promotional activities and the effectiveness of assessment. On the one hand, we can promptly correct the problems that arise during the event; on the other hand, we can leave a good image of professional operation to the hypermarket. These will lay a good foundation for the cooperation between the enterprises and supermarkets in the later stage.


    Some enterprises in the promotion ended, will be summarized and analyzed in a timely manner, come experience the activities and lessons learned. And as far as possible the effect of activities and supermarkets on their support provided by the link. After all, it is often better to win more preferential policies for cooperation between enterprises and supermarkets during the summary report on the promotion activities. After all, this lively bargaining material makes it easier to impress supermarkets and impress purchasers.

    Is the so-called, there is no track, there is no record; no record, there is no analysis; no analysis, there is no opportunity for improvement. The promotion is not a simple implementation of the company's promotion instructions (I did this activity), but to be implemented (really make the effect), so the need for timely follow-up and feedback (supply, display, price, gifts, promotions Etc. These need continuous follow-up) In this way, we can guarantee to seize the opportunity to work in synergy with the store and strive for a good promotional effect during the event.