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Cool Wholesales's Blog
Keychains made of zinc alloy will not rust

  • Zinc alloy, as the name implies, is made of an alloy of zinc and other materials. The color of the zinc alloy is close to silver. It is widely used because of its plasticity. It is often used in keychains, badges, vanity mirrors, commemorative plates, medals and other metal products, because of its products do not rust and has good wear resistance, a product can be long-term use, so has always been the people's favorite.

    In chemical terms, the reason why iron products rust, iron and water because of the combination of oxygen and water produced by the chemical reaction, resulting in a new material, this material is mainly composed of iron oxide and oxidation compression of iron.  zinc alloy products will not happen this situation, zinc alloy as their own with automatic defense system, because the combination of zinc and oxygen in the air will generate a dense surface passivation film, Prevent the air from continuing to erode the interior of the metal, thus achieving the role of protection.

    In daily life, everywhere zinc alloy keychain, all kinds of metal jewelry, small commodities, handicrafts will not rust, almost all made of zinc alloy material.