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Product sales performance and the relationship of advertising popularity

  • It can be said that advertising is the most important method to open the product sales. media advertising, Internet TV ads, wall advertising, holiday advertising gifts, promotional gifts, are to achieve the ultimate goal of improving product visibility and enhance sales.

    Advertising reputation to stimulate product sales is an important method to promotion products, the general operation is: in a certain area, a certain period of time, a certain combination of media, Quantitative advertising and promotion of products, Access to the region's consumer advertising impression of the products, to enhance the visibility of the product, pulled up product sales.

    Advertising to bring the enterprise's reputation so that many companies have been profitable: the product has been recognized by consumers, product sales expansion has brought the rapid growth of company profits. For example: the recent popularity of advertising products to enhance the sales volume of the "Kunlun" lubricants, and its products in the huge investment in advertising, product visibility from the industry extended to the public, product sales are rising; In recent years has been hot real estate industry, but also the advertising function to play the most vividly, all the time to force consumers to accept.

    In this case, the "advertising popularity == product sales" conclusion has been generally recognized by all walks of life, because in accordance with the general practice of thinking: product advertising popularity up, the product will increase the recognition, product sales will increase. At the same time under the guidance of this thinking, the industry, the competition between the enterprises of the heat wave of a wave of higher than a wave, Have advertising media resources of company is very happy.

    All of the above examples seem to illustrate a problem: advertising popularity is indeed equal to product sales. But these are just what we see the surface phenomenon, advertising popularity and product sales relationship is not so simple to use mathematical operators to express, if use the basis for the blind advertising, it will bring a huge business of economic losses.

    We are not slandering advertising gifts to promote the role of product sales, but the face of the minds of enterprises, we still need to calmly analyze the success of the brand's advertising awareness how to do:

    A. the leader of the same industry in the advertising

    In the advertising is the industry leader, Than the same industry competitors earlier aware of the advertising popularity to product sales enhance of the role, In the industry opponents have not realized or not to implement the case, you has been to do the promotion of the brand awareness, the first possession of consumers.

    B. The industry leader has not gained a wide range of product popularity, or failed to stand firm


    If the opponent has an advertising, and in the minds of the public left a certain impression of the product, it will help consumers deepen the awareness of the product, in this case, If you increase the intensity of their own brand publicity, then the opponent's advertising investment is nothing but for their own products to save the costs for concept of education publicity.

    C. consumers are beginning to pay attention to the industry's products

    Today's consumers are tired of the overwhelming advertising rap, only pay attention to a product for some reason, it will take the initiative to contact, to collect such information, otherwise a lot of advertising costs may be invalid.

    D. advertising practices break through the traditional practice

    Breaking the previous advertising practices, not bound by the industry's traditional promotion methods, in the form of advertising, advertising creativity, advertising scale, advertising breadth, advertising demands and other aspects of innovation, in order to obtain new consumer awareness and concern.

    E. This product significantly different from other brand features or characteristics

    This point can make their own products from many opponents of the surround advertising out of. This point different from other brands of features not only reflected in the ads, but also reflected in the product itself, in order to give consumers more reasons to buy. Such as the sale of functional drinks.

    Under the above conditions, through large-scale advertising investment, in the minds of most consumers can occupy a certain impression, to develop a certain  advertising popularity, as consumers buy products to consider the object, may enhance product sales.

    But these are only in the above conditions or part of the conditions of the role of the strategy, on the contrary, then the effect of this advertising visibility will be subject to certain constraints.

    With a certain popularity of advertising, it may allow consumers to produce a certain awareness of the product, but this does not mean that the consumer recognition of the product. In this case, we need to understand how consumers are recognized and purchased for a product:

    1, demand
    2, product selection range
    3, ad influence
    4, use habits
    5, product features, functions, characteristic
    6, price factor
    7, professional advice
    8, herd mentality

    These conditions are likely to determine whether the consumer chooses the product.

    Therefore, the popularity of advertising is based on the consumer to a certain extent demand for the product, it's not to simplify the understanding of any time to enhance the visibility of advertising can enhance the sales of the product.

    However, sometimes the product has a certain popularity of advertising, it is possible in a certain period of time failed to promote product sales, it is because the consumer awareness of the product, but also need a certain time of the enlightenment or the consumer in the wait-and-see period, which requires enterprises in the advertising to be treated separately, the stage of the adjustment and then continue to invest.