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Cool Wholesales's Blog

  • Key features of the keychains - 8/27/2017


    1. Decorative: Although the key ring, you can also hang in the bag, as a bag buckle, this is the choice of fashionable girls; remove a small circle, it can show strange when the home decorations; children plaything, But only children Over three years of age to avoid eating.

    2. Material characteristics: mainly made of alloy, does not rust, do not worry about aging, easy maintenance.

    3. Volume: light weight, easy to carry, and fashion avant-garde, exquisite small, everyone likes them.

    4. Price advantage: inexpensive, the overall embodiment of four excellent, excellent function, excellent materials, excellent performance, excellent prices, easier for consumers to accept.

    5. Couple gift: key ring is a daily practical small decoration, also easy... Red More

  • Customize keychains on the brand value of the role can not be ignored - 8/21/2017

    Advertising gifts is the important media of the business product promotion , the ultimate goal is to enhance the product sales and brand value. The existence of advertising a long time ago, with the changes in the times, The use of advertising in today's society most vividly, Newspapers, television, network and so have become advertising positions, keychains gifts have become a part of it.

    Advertising keychains on the promotion of goods are expressed in many ways, the first and most important is the design of advertising keychains. Recently, the reporter surveyed Cool Wholesales found that in the process of advertising gift design, we must first fully understand the product, to in-depth understanding of the meaning of the product, find their own design inspiration, take cor... Red More

  • What is keychain? and what's the use? - 8/19/2017

    Keychain, also known as key ring, key chain, key hanging and so on. The material of the keychain is made of metal, leather, plastic, wood and so on. This material is exquisite small, ever-changing shape is the daily necessities of people carrying daily necessities. The keychain is a decorative item hanging from the key ring.


    keychain shape, such as cartoon shape, brand modeling, simulation model, etc., the material is generally such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic system, etc., now mainly zinc alloy surface nickel or rhodium and other rust-proof elements. Custom personalized keychain has now become a free gift for a company.

    ... Red More

  • Advertising promotional keychains gifts of value and potential business opportunities - 8/19/2017

    In today's business things, giving keychains gifts also play a very important role. Business keychains gifts Americans call it special advertising,  is advertising promotion, dissemination of brand, establish the corporate image of the most direct advertising.

    Appropriate gift not only expressed the mind, let the other unconsciously accepted the advertising, to achieve the effect of publicity or promotion, indeed another business favored.

    We will be divided into four categories of business gifts: conference gifts, public relations gifts, promotional gifts and celebrations gifts, covering almost all the gifts of the purpose and form of business in the process of doing business will be of great benefit.

    ... Red More

  • Gifts Play Which Role in the Sales Promotion Activity? - 9/13/2016

    First of all, we need to figure out one issue: gifts play which role in the sales promotion activity? After analyzing these problems, it's not hard for us to find out that there are only three effects of promotion activities.


    1. Attract attention, strive for more customers, gather popularity.
    2. Stay locked customers, strive for more time, improve conversion rates.
    3. Stimulus temptation to buy.


    Knowing the effects of the three aspects, then we can make promotional gift of strategy which makes things relatively easy to many people.


    First of all, in order to attract sustomers' attention, we just need to let them know that we are doing activities, and at this time, gift strategy only need to serve the purpose of a... Red More